2016 Parking Code Update

The City of Vancouver’s Parking Services Division completed a series of code changes to improve the Division’s efficiency related to several key areas. The proposed changes were approved by the City Council on July 11, 2016, and went into effect on August 11, 2016. 

Topic Code Section Code Change
Street Sweeping VMC 19.12.030 Clarified public notification requirements and allows for the citation or removal of vehicles that repeatedly block sweepers from cleaning a street
Prolonged Parking

VMC 19.12.100 19.12.110

Limits vehicle parking in the right-of-way to no more than 24 hours and provides clear steps City staff can follow to cite and potentially tow a vehicle, including the ability to cite abandoned/stored cars with expired tabs
On-street Parking Reservation Program VMC 19.10.090 Establish a formalized program and fees for reserving on-street parking spaces (that fall within the Parking Advisory Committee’s boundary), allowing for reservation of spaces by contractors, event companies, businesses, and individuals.
Obstructing Traffic VMC 19.12.090 Created a definition of a bike lane and added specific language stating that drivers cannot obstruct traffic by parking in a bike lane
Law Enforcement Permit Program VMC 19.10.080 Established a process to allow for the distribution of parking permits to City or County law enforcement staff who utilize official unmarked law enforcement vehicles for official business at metered parking spaces


















For more information about the changes please contact:

Jennifer Campos
Senior Planner
Community and Economic Development Department