Annexation is the process by which cities extend their municipal services, regulations, voting privileges, and taxing authority to new territory. It is the City of Vancouver's goal to build strong, positive relationships with the community and urban service providers to facilitate a smooth transition of land from the unincorporated urban growth area into the City.

The City of Vancouver’s Annexation Blueprint Plan (2007) identifies urbanized areas within the Vancouver Urban Growth Area and outlines a timeline for annexations. Due to economic conditions, the City halted expansion plans for many years. This year, as part of their 2016 priorities, the Vancouver City Council directed staff to revisit the Annexation Blueprint Plan and identify areas ready for annexation, in compliance with City policy and State law. This includes a review of existing service and infrastructure needs as well as neighborhood boundaries. Please see the links below for more information on the Annexation Blueprint Plan, Annexation FAQs, and the Annexation Analyzer.

Next steps in this process include:

  • Mar. – Dec. 2016 | Community Engagement
    Presentation and information sessions at neighborhood association meetings, resident meetings and a community forum. Regular project updates via email, social media and City website
  • March 10, 2016: Presentation at East Minnehaha Neighborhood Association
  • April – Sept. 2016 | Identification of utility covenant signatures
  • May 23, 2016 | City Council Workshop
    Staff update on findings related to annexation to date. Council to provide direction on how to proceed.
  • May 26, 2016: Presentation at Truman Neighborhood Association
  • Fall 2016 | City Council Workshop, Update to Council
  • TBD 2017 | City Council Meeting, Public hearing on proposed annexation boundary

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