City Limits

Annexation is the process by which cities extend their municipal services, regulations, voting privileges, and taxing authority to new territory. It is the City of Vancouver's goal to build strong, positive relationships with the community and urban service providers to facilitate a smooth transition of land from the unincorporated urban growth area into the City.

Since January of 2004, the Vancouver Annexation program has processed over 40 annexations, bringing over 2,300 acres and over 1,900 residents into the city limits. All of the current and recent annexation requests are listed to the left. Please click on each individual annexation name to view project-specific information, including staff reports, resolutions, ordinances etc. The State of Washington’s Growth Management Act of 1990 (GMA) requires counties to establish 20-year Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundaries for every city to accommodate projected growth. GMA also encourages cities to annex lands within their UGA and provide urban-level services to these areas. Lands outside the UGA cannot be annexed. The map below shows Vancouver’s current city limits in green and unincorporated urban growth area in yellow.