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To date, the City of Vancouver has installed over 80 bicycle racks and 5 bicycle corrals in the downtown area. Bicycle racks installed by the City can only be placed in the public right-of-way and cannot be placed on private property. Once the City installs a bicycle rack we will take responsibility for maintenance of the rack. Funding for the installation of bicycle racks comes from federal transportation grant programs that the City has applied for and received. If you have a location you would like the City to install a bicycle rack, you can submit a request here.

Guidelines for Installing Bicycle Racks

If you own your own business or are a private developer, the City has requirements for installing bicycle parking. If you are going to install bicycle parking, it must meet the following standards set out in Section 20.945.050 of the City’s Municipal Code. The City has created a bicycle parking booklet that can be used as a guide when deciding what type of bicycle parking and how best to install it.

Bicycle Parking Standards
  1. Bicycle parking must be provided at the ground level, and may be provided in floor, or wall racks that must hold bicycles securely by the means of the frame. Bicycles may be tipped vertically for storage, but not hung above the ground.If the bicycle parking is placed in the public right-of-way, it shall not obstruct pedestrian walkways and shall meet all of the requirements outlined in the street use permit.
  2. When bicycle parking is provided with racks, the racks must meet the following standards:
  • The parking spaces shall be at least 2’ wide and 6’ long with an overhead clearance of at least 7’, and with a 5’ access aisle;
  • The rack must hold the bicycle securely by means of the frame. The frame must be able to be supported so that the bicycle cannot be pushed or fall to one side in a manner that will damage the wheels;
  • The bicycle frame and one wheel can be locked to the rack with a high-security, U-shaped shackle lock if both wheels are left on the bicycle;
  • The rack must be securely anchored with theft-resistant hardware.
  1. When bicycle parking is provided with lockers, the lockers must meet the following standards:
  • The lockers must be securely anchored.

City code also requires the use of signage to direct bicyclists to parking locations if the
bike parking is not directly visible and obvious from the street.

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