Bicycle Projects and Planning

Bicycle Planning

Vancouver's Bicycle Plan
Adopted May 3, 2004

The City's bicycle plan was developed as part of Vancouver's 20-year Transportation System Plan (TSPs future transportation investments.The Transportation System Plan focuses not only on roadway solutions, but considers solutions that include signal system upgrades, walking and bicycling improvements, transit and highway supportive investments. It also takes into consideration programs and strategies to address the increasing demand for mobility within this growing community.

The bicycle system is a key element to the success of the overall transportation system and how it handles mobility within the community into the future.The City has made significant strides over the last few years to improve bicycle facilities, but there are still gaps in the system. Most notable are the lack of facilities on the east side of the City. The proposed bicycle network in the Transportation System Plan will use a combination of bicycle lanes, bicycle boulevards, and shared use paths.The intention of this is to provide a bicycle system that gets bicyclists to their destinations in a safe and efficient manner.