City to install new parking pay stations downtown this fall

Press Release Date:
Monday, July 11, 2016
Strada pay station

The City of Vancouver will begin installing a new smart parking system in the Government District area of downtown this fall. The Government District parking area is located in downtown Vancouver west of the Clark County Courthouse and Public Service Center. (View map of pay station locations.)

The new Strada Pay Station system, supplied by Parkeon, will serve approximately 400 parking spaces that were added to this area in 2012.

Benefits of the new pay stations:

  • Able to accept coins as well as credit and debit cards for payment 
  • Solar powered
  • Ability for City staff to analyze parking activity and/or change parking rates remotely
  • Meters can be programmed to create validation codes for local businesses and special event parking
  • A 7-inch color screen and customizable keyboard interface help to easily guide users through their transactions
  • Ability to upload events listings, traffic closure information, new business openings and other news directly to the station screens

“The new parking station system gives us the ability to utilize the latest technology to help us manage parking congestion downtown,” said City Parking Services Manager Mike Merrill. “We are happy to work with Parkeon again, as their system has been successful in other areas of Vancouver and their proposal for the Government District parking area provides the most advantages to the City as we look into the future.”

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Mike Merrill, Parking Services Manager