City to raise parking rates, replace older meters starting this year

Press Release Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Parking pay station in downtown Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is implementing several parking initiatives in downtown and Uptown Village in 2017, including the first parking rate increase since 2009.

Starting March 1, the hourly parking rate at existing pay stations in downtown will increase from $.50/hour to $1.25/hour. The older coin-only parking meters will remain $.50/hour until they are replaced with new pay stations, starting this year.

At the Vancouvercenter Park 'n Go garage on West Sixth Street, parking rates also will increase on March 1 as follows:


Daytime until 6 p.m.: $9
6 p.m. to close: $3.50
Full day: $12.50

$3.50 for the full day

On-street parking will continue to be free after 6 p.m. on weekdays, all day on weekends and on all City-recognized holidays.

This spring, the City will begin replacing its older coin-only parking meters in downtown with new pay stations that accept coins and credit or debit cards. This transition will be completed in two phases in 2017 and 2018. The parking rate at the new pay stations will be $1.25/hour.

These changes are being made in order to decrease maintenance and operational costs, improve the customer experience, encourage private investment in development of additional downtown parking garages and make the parking program self-sufficient. Currently, the City’s Parking Services Division receives approximately $1.25 million from the City general fund.

The City will also begin installing coin-only parking meters in certain congested areas of Uptown Village, including Main Street, in direct coordination with the Uptown Village Association. The hourly parking rate at these meters will be $.50/hour. The City also will begin conducting active parking enforcement in this area at the same time.

Starting later this year, the City will begin exploring providing a mobile parking payment app option in more areas of downtown. The app will allow people to pay for parking and add money to their meter from any mobile device or computer using a credit or debit card.

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Steve Kaspan, Parking Services Manager