Fences, Decks, Sheds and General Residential Building Permit Information

A deck under construction

Depending on the scope of work, please keep in mind that the following items may be subject to review:

  • Setbacks to property line
  • Height restrictions
  • Building code requirements

Are you building a fence, deck or shed?

If you are building a shed (120 sq. ft. or less), a deck (18" or less above grade), or a fence (6’ or less in height) a permit is no longer required*, except when the project site is identified as subject to a Critical Areas Permit/Review.

*However, you must still construct the improvement in compliance with City building and zoning codes. If you have questions regarding code requirements please call our Permit Center at (360) 487-7800.

Are you ONLY replacing, repairing and/or adding electrical, mechanical or plumbing?

You may need to obtain a permit. Fees will be based on scope of work and/or valuation, including labor and materials. In some instances, plans may be required.

Are you remodeling or adding square footage to your home? Or are you adding a detached building, including a shop, garage or shed over 120 sq. ft.?

You will need to submit the following items when applying for a residential building permit:

  • Completed Residential Addition/Alteration permit application
  • The name and phone number of a licensed contractor, if the homeowner is not doing the work
  • Plan review fee
  • Remodel- based on valuation, including labor and materials
  • Addition- based on amount of square footage being added
2 Sets of the Following:
  • Site plan, drawn to scale, indicating size and location of existing and proposed structures and identifying location of septic system (if applicable)
  • Detailed construction drawings to scale (1/4" = 1’)
What is a Site Plan?

A site plan is a "scaled" drawing that shows an overhead view of your lot indicating existing and proposed structures.

What Does "To Scale" Mean?

"To scale" means using a unit of measure that allows you to shrink your drawing to fit on a regular 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Example: Scale 1" = 20'

What Information Is Required?

The basic information required for a site plan includes:

  • The lot and structure dimensions,
  • The distance from the property line to the structures
  • The distance from the street centerline() to the property line()
  • The property address
  • North arrow
  • Scale size