Information on My Property

One of the first stops in gaining information about your property is a visit to Clark County MapsOnline (click “find parcel” then enter the address, select address from the list and click Property Information Center).  This is a resource where you can find out the zoning of your property as well as a variety of other information that is needed as you look to develop.  It is also a good place to start to determine if you are actually within the Vancouver city limits or if you need to visit another jurisdiction.

In addition to the property information website, there are also other tools that can be used to gain more knowledge about your site such as if it is within an overlay district (VMC 20.500), plan district (VMC 20.600), environmentally sensitive (critical) area (VMC 20.740),  shoreline (VMC 20.760), downtown design review area (VMC 20.265), etc.  Listed below are links to some of those resources as well as a link to the development code standards that are applicable to that area.

• Link to Critical area maps
Link to Shoreline Master Program
Link to Subarea Plans
Link to Historic Preservation on the County website
Link to SEPA requirements