Taking Your Bike on the Bus

Combing a bike trip with a transit trip is a great to way to increase your trip distance and destination options, especially when a trip seems too long to ride with your bicycle all the way, or if there is a portion of your ride that may not provide a safe or comfortable route.  All C-TRAN and TriMet buses are equipped with bicycle racks available on first come, first serve basis that can hold up to two bicycles at a time.


C-TRAN serves Vancouver and its Urban Growth Boundary as well as providing express service to downtown Portland, Marquam Hill, and the Lloyd District. C-TRAN offers 27 transit routes to serve the residents of its service area.  C-TRAN 's web site offers a system map and route information or you can call them at 360-695-0123 in Vancouver or 503-283-8054 in Portland.

All C-TRAN buses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front that hold up to two bicycles at a time. C-TRAN does not require any permit for using the bicycle racks. If you choose to ride your bicycle to a C-TRAN transit center and leave it behind, there are bicycle lockers available at 5 different locations around Clark County. A usage agreement and a refundable security deposit is required for use of a bicycle locker. The deposit will be forfeited if the locker key is lost. For information on bicycle locker location and reserving a spot, call 360-695-0123 or ctran@c-tran.com.


Several C-TRAN bus routes stop at TriMet Transit Centers so you can transfer to the TriMet system.  Other options of accessing TriMet ’s system include riding your bicycle across the I-205 or I-5 bridge and accessing the MAX light rail system.  On the TriMet system you can bring your bicycle with you onto the buses, MAX and the Portland Streetcar. TriMet buses are outfitted with bicycle racks on the front of the buses and there are racks to hang your bicycle at designated spots on MAX and the Portland Streetcar. TriMet does not require a permit.

Only conventional single seat, two-wheeled bikes, and recumbent and electric bikes the size of a standard bicycle are allowed. Bicycles with oversized wheels, tandems and internal combustion engine-powered bicycles are not allowed. Children under the age of 12 who wish to bring their bike on TriMet must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information go to: http://trimet.org/howtoride/bikes