Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning's core responsibility is to plan and develop policy and programs that identify how and where the City invests in its transportation system, to ensure that growth is sufficiently accommodated and to support viable and active communities by providing for all travel options.

System Planning
Transportation planning manages the City's 20 year Transportation System Plan and provides support to internal staff on necessary updates to the Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Plan, subarea plans, and annual review evaluations as needed.  Staff is also responsible for assisting other City departments and outside agencies on regional planning issues.


Action Strategies


Program Implementation
Transportation planning staff is responsible for leading the City's transportation grant program which is focused on implementing the City's Transportation Improvement Program and economic development goals. Staff is also responsible for managing capital projects and programs for the Public Works department along with coordinating with outside agencies on proposed projects within the City of Vancouver.


Policy and Program Development
The transportation planning group leads several programs to specifically address demand on the current transportation system and forecasted impacts of future growth.  Staff manages the development and maintenance of the programs in cooperation with other City departments, the development community, and applicable agencies.