Summer concert at Esther Short Park

The Value of Vancouver

We strive to make Vancouver one of the nation’s most livable cities. That means having a strong economy, an exemplary education system, health care, housing, transportation, parks, arts and culture and other amenities. And it means livability for everyone- every resident, whatever their economic status or age (2016-21 Vancouver Strategic Plan). We believe there is a lot to value about living in Vancouver, including the services and programs outlined below.

City of Vancouver Police Department

  • Emergency response times are faster within the City of Vancouver
  • Neighborhoods have a designated Neighborhood Police Officer
  • VPD Officers engage with the community through education, outreach, and volunteer programs

City of Vancouver Fire Department

The City of Vancouver currently provides emergency response services to the proposed annexation area; after annexation, the COV Fire Marshal’s Office will provide the additional services listed below:

  • The City of Vancouver offers a number of Fire & Life Safety Education programs
  • The Vancouver Fire Department hosts and participates in community-based fire safety events
  • The Vancouver Fire Marshal’s Office provides free smoke alarm installation
  • The Vancouver Fire Department offers a number of volunteer opportunities for residents, including Citizen Corps and Fire Corps volunteers
  • The Vancouver Fire Marshal’s Office conducts regular inspections and ensures compliance with fire and life safety codes
  • Staff respond to fire and life safety complaints within 24-hours

Public Works and Infrastructure

  • Annual street maintenance is conducted as part of the City of Vancouver Pavement Management Program
  • The Sewer Incentive Connection Program (SCIP) provides financial assistance to homeowners that want to connect to the City sewer

Parks and Recreation

  • City of Vancouver Parks & Recreation provides comprehensive parks planning, including buying land, building facilities and maintaining existing parks
  • City residents have access to three community centers, thousands of recreation activities, and a wide variety of recreation programs for citizens of all ages, all at reduced resident membership rates
  • Dedicated special events staff organize community events throughout the City of Vancouver
  • City Parks & Recreation staff coordinate a variety of volunteer programs, including the popular #VancouverVolunTEEN community service program and annual parks cleanups

Support from the Office of Neighborhoods

  • A City staff liaison is assigned to every neighborhood association
  • Neighborhoods receive free annual cleanup services (dumpsters, chippers, etc.) and the use of picnic tables, garbage cans and other supplies for their annual neighborhood social event
  • The City provides free printing of monthly neighborhood association newsletters.
  • Neighborhoods within the City are eligible and can submit projects for the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Improvement program
  • Neighborhoods are eligible for grant opportunities through the Vancouver Watersheds Alliance

Code Compliance Promotes Neighborhood Livability

  • Parking Services works directly with residents to address neighborhood parking concerns. Residents can also utilize the parking hotline.
  • City of Vancouver code compliance staff work closely with neighborhoods and citizens to address livability issues. More than 90 percent of code complaints are resolved voluntarily.

An Efficient Permitting Process

  • City of Vancouver building permit fees are among the lowest in the metro region
  • Next day inspections are available for both residential and commercial projects
  • The City’s permit review process is efficient. The average review time for a new single-family residence is 10 days.
  • The City offers a streamlined 90-day review timeline for large development projects.
  • Applicants can submit plans and schedule inspections online through the City website.

Access to Community Programs

  • Vancouver residents have access to the City’s Business Assistance programs, including online resources, free workshops, and one-on-one counseling
  • City residents have access to a City Liaison who specializes in responding to and addressing citizen concerns
  • The City of Vancouver has a Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program for qualified households

Fiscal Stability

  • The City of Vancouver is committed to responsible stewardship of public funds. This means maintaining our existing infrastructure and assets and a pay-as-you-go approach to new investments, in order to ensure long-term financial stability.