Charter Review Committee

The Charter is the city’s version of a “constitution” and guides its structure and operations. The Charter requires that a committee of 15 citizens review the charter and recommend changes to the City Council every five years.

The 2014 Charter Review Committee recommended five changes for the charter that the City Council voted to place on the ballot for the Nov. 3, 2015 General Election.  All five Amendments were passed by the voters.

The approved amendments are:

The 2014 Charter Review Committee began meeting in January and reported their recommendations to the City Council on June 16, 2014.

Charter Review Committee meetings were recorded by Clark Vancouver Television, Channel 23. Please check the CVTV website for video on demand.

Washington legislature’s website for RCW’s.

Number of Members: 15

Length of Term: 1 year

2014 Committee Members:

John Caton Marjorie Ledell Dennis Short
Galina Burley Greg McGreevy Esther Schrader
David DiCesare Javier Navarro Elson Strahan
Kris Greene Chris Roper Ty Stober
George Francisco Lynn Samuels George Vartanian


Jan Bader, Program and Policy Development Manager

Bronson Potter, City Attorney

Phone: 360.487.8606