About Our City Council

Vancouver City Hall

City Government in Vancouver is the essence of democracy and citizen rule. The city is managed by a Council/Manager form of government. This system empowers the citizens of Vancouver and provides responsive, progressive leadership and a vision for our community.

The City Council, subject to the Washington State constitution, general statutes enacted under its authority and the provisions of the Vancouver City Charter, are vested with the authority of an elective council to enact ordinances or resolutions, adopt rules and regulations, appoint and remove the city manager, fix all salaries, adopt the budget, control indebtedness and the issuance of bonds, and to provide for an independent audit of any department or office. (Charter Article I, Section 1.03 Form of Government, and Article II, Section 2.05 Powers and Duties)

The Council has seven members, including a mayor, nominated and elected from the city at large. The Mayor and Councilmembers serve four-year terms. One Councilmember is appointed biennially to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore and will act as mayor in the absence or disability of the mayor.

For complete information on the powers and duties of City Council,  please see Article II: The Council of the Vancouver Charter City Charter.