Terms and Qualifications of City Council

Following is a summary of City Council terms and qualifications taken from the City Charter:

Section 2.01 Number, Terms: The council shall have seven members, including a mayor, nominated and elected from the city at large in the manner hereinafter provided: Commencing in the 1971 municipal election, three persons shall be elected to four-year terms as councilmembers at each biennial municipal election and; provided further, commencing in the 2005 biennial municipal election, one person shall be elected to a four-year term as mayor.

The person elected mayor shall have the powers of the mayor as provided in this charter and also all powers of a city councilmember. All incumbent councilmembers shall continue to serve until their successors are elected and qualified. In the event of a tie vote, the election shall be decided by lot. (As amended by vote of the people on November 4, 1969 and November 2, 2004.)

Section 2.02 Qualifications: Councilmembers shall be qualified electors and residents of the city for a continuous period of at least two years next prior to their election, and shall hold no other public office or employment under the city government. If a councilmember shall cease to have these qualifications or shall be convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or shall be absent from three consecutive regular meetings without being granted a leave of absence by the city council, this office shall become vacant and be so declared by the city council.

Section 2.03 Compensation: A councilmember shall receive a salary, payable in monthly installments; such compensation may be changed by ordinance. (As amended by vote of the people on November 6, 1984.)

If you are interested in running for City Council, please contact the Clark County Auditor’s Office - Elections Department at (360) 397-2345 or visit their website: Clark County Elections.

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