Accountable, Responsive City Government

Why is this important?

Stakeholders - residents, businesses, customers, regional partners, and employees – look to Vancouver to set a standard of excellence in city governance.  They want city leaders to ensure that Vancouver is a great city even in a time of constrained resources for residents, businesses and government.  They have also made it clear that they want to understand how decisions are made and want to be involved in solving the community’s problems and setting priorities, especially the financing of essential services.  They want accountability and accessibility from our city leaders as they make decisions that will affect the lives of current and future generations in Vancouver.

Our Pledge

We will be a leader in the efficient and effective delivery of services that our community values the most.

Strategic Directions

  • Maintain an environment of open communication that invites the public to participate in decisions concerning city services and funding of those services.
  • Implement long-range financial strategies to ensure a competitive level of municipal services.
  • •Continue to utilize sound fiscal practices to maintain financial stability and solvency of city government.
  • Fully integrate the Strategic Plan, Comprehensive Plan, departmental business and performance management plans with financial planning and resource allocation.
  • Partner with other local governments, community organizations and the private sector to optimize delivery of effective and affordable services to our citizens.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction with city services on a regular basis and implement appropriate service improvements.
  • Ensure that city services are accessible to all members of the community.

Key Indicators

  • Good City Government:  Citizen rating of city government overall performance
  • Effective City Employees:  Surveyed citizen rating of contact with city employees
  • Building Permits are Quick:  Percent of new single-family residential building permits completed within 14 days
  • Responsive Government:  Percent of citizens who feel city government responds to their concerns quickly
  • Internal Leadership Rating:  City employees rating organizational effectiveness and leadership highly (matches or exceeds citizen rating of effectiveness)
  • Government Provides Value: Citizens rating of the value that Vancouver provides for the tax dollar
  • Cost of City Services:  Overall monthly cost per capita for core city services (Fire, Police, Transportation, Parks & Recreation)
  • Recreational Program Value:  Percent of direct cost recovery achieved for all programs