An Active, Involved Community

Why is this important?

With the demands of work and family, it is a challenge to get people out of the comfort of their homes into the community to be an active participant in civic life. Vancouver’s increasingly diverse population, in terms of both age and ethnicity, is both a source of strength as well as a challenge when it comes to getting them involved in the community. To realize the benefits of our unique and diverse community, we must create ways to break down barriers and make government more accessible to everyone. The interaction of residents, especially our youth, and government strengthens our community. We also believe government effectiveness increases when citizens are engaged and informed. We value volunteers and encourage involvement, whether it is within the neighborhood or within the larger community, because it promotes a healthy city. Listening to, and understanding the concerns of citizens, fosters mutual trust.

Our Pledge

We will help build a community that welcomes everyone and provides them with the opportunity to participate fully in community life.

Strategic Directions

  • Create and implement a comprehensive communications plan to encourage informed citizen participation in civic life.
  • Support community events and activities that create opportunities to build community and neighborhood identity.
  • Support and develop programs that involve our youth in the community and teach them to be good citizens.
  • Promote and celebrate the multiculturalism of the community and encourage active involvement by all in civic life.
  • Nurture citizen involvement through volunteer opportunities.
  • Strengthen neighborhood identity and character while promoting identification with the broader community.
  • Encourage our citizens of all ages to celebrate important dates and milestones marking our community’s rich heritage.
  • Support strong and active neighborhood and business associations.

Key Indicators

  • Neighborhoods are Active:  Percent of recognized neighborhood associations that met last year at least quarterly
  • Widespread Sense of Community:  Number of public events in the community that involve more than 500 people
  • Residents Feel They Belong:  Percent of the community who feel like they are part of the community
  • Citizens are Connected:  Number of citizens signed up for GovDelivery email information service as of December 31st
  • People Vote:  Percent of eligible voters who voted in the last city election
  • We Participate in Government:  Number of applications for commissions and boards on December 31st
  • Community Center Activity:  Annual number of visits to both of Vancouver’s community centers
  • Volunteerism is Popular:  Self reported hours per month volunteered outside the home