Deputy Finance Director to lead the City’s Legacy 2020 Project – a long term budget solution

Press Release Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natasha Ramras returns to help guide the City of Vancouver toward long term budget sustainability

Vancouver's new Deputy Finance Director is a familiar face. Former City budget manager Natasha Ramras has re-joined the City in a new role as Deputy Finance Director, responsible for budget, planning, performance management and internal auditing.

“The City of Vancouver is embarking on a whole new path that has not been successfully navigated by any other agency in the country,” Ramras said. “The City Manager has just announced a budgeting initiative called Legacy 2020 that would result in developing a long term solution for the City’s ongoing budget challenges. This is an important and exciting opportunity that I could not pass up. Developing and implementing a balanced six year budget – the City of Vancouver’s Legacy 2020 project, will take us from a position of long term financial deficit to long term financial sustainability. Today’s new economy has forever changed the face of governments and we must change with the times. This will be  a challenging process, but I can think of no more important goal for our City and our community.”

Ramras previously served as Vancouver’s Budget Manager for more than seven years. Prior to City employment, she worked for Clark County as a Senior Management Analyst. She left the City in 2012 to work as finance director of the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University.

Ramras’  first day at the City was April 29.