Financial Health and Economic Vitality

Why is this important?

Vancouver needs quality jobs to ensure the long-term economic viability of our city and to support the basic needs of our community.  An estimated 60,000 Clark County residents commute to Oregon every day to work, as well as pay income taxes to the state of Oregon, because there are insufficient living wage jobs in our own community.  We are losing our youth to other communities because there aren’t enough good jobs to bring them back to Vancouver after completing their education.  In addition, our citizens and business community, through the ballot box and public testimony, have resoundingly said “no more” on new or increased taxes.  However, the need and demand for adequate public services, especially in the areas of public safety and transportation, continues to grow; and the costs are far outpacing available revenues.

Our Pledge

We will foster a dynamic, diverse economy in Vancouver to provide good jobs for our citizens, support successful businesses - large and small - and ensure financial stability for future generations.

Strategic Direction

  • Actively recruit “green” businesses (and green jobs) to Vancouver as a key component of our economic development strategy.
  • Build upon our existing signature industries and resources by attracting complementary businesses and industries to expand and strengthen the local economy.
  • Leverage private investment that results in tax base expansion and living wage job creation.
  • Continue revitalization across the city, with a focus on new development and redevelopment opportunities that foster and promote unique and vibrant neighborhood and business districts.
  • Continue the redevelopment of the downtown area, including waterfront, into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed use community center.
  • Build on the community’s history, heritage, natural resources and livability to promote Vancouver as a tourism destination
  • Reach out to the community to raise awareness of the benefits of economic development.
  • Sustain core governmental services within available resources.

Key Indicators

  • Income:  Clark County median family income
  • Housing:  Change in the Clark County housing affordability index
  • Employment Rate:  Clark County/Vancouver employment rate
  • Local Job Creation:  Citizen satisfaction rating of job creation and business development as “good” or “excellent” in survey
  • Economic Development:  Increase in total non-farm jobs in Clark County
  • Working in Vancouver:  Percentage of Clark County labor force who are employed in Clark County
  • Ability to Fund City Services:  Surveyed citizens’ perception of city’s ability to provide existing services within budget in the future
  • City Financial Stability:  The city has a high bond rating for General Obligation (GO) bonds