A Safe and Prepared Community

Why is it important?

Public safety is a growing concern for our citizens and they want to be part of the solution.  It is difficult, however, to connect new residents and people who commute to work in Oregon to city government and to one another. Our youth require safe, healthy places to meet and constructive and positive recreational and work opportunities.  Recent acts of violence and natural disasters have increased the importance of emergency preparedness as a city organization as well as for individual households.  Working closely with our neighborhoods, business associations and other organizations, city officials need to make government services accessible to all residents and provide opportunities for residents work together to resolve community problems and create a safe and prepared community.

Our Pledge

We will ensure a safe and secure environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors using a community oriented approach.

Strategic Directions

  • Promote, enhance, and increase community based partnerships in crime prevention, fire and life safety emergency preparedness and community policing. 
  • Support progressive code enforcement and neighborhood partnerships that encourage healthy and vital neighborhoods free of crime and decline.
  • Be proactive in developing and establishing community-based emergency preparedness programs.
  • Ensure appropriate service levels for public safety services as community population grows.
  • Reduce risk and increase safety through community-based crime and fire prevention programs.
  • Reduce through-traffic into neighborhoods for quicker emergency vehicle response and to provide a safer environment for children.
  • Support events and activities at parks and community centers that provide a positive outlet for youth as a crime prevention tool.

Key Indicators

  • Overall Safety: Citizens feel safe walking in their neighborhood during the day
  • Property Crime: Property crime rate per 1,000 residents in Vancouver
  • Violent Crime: Violent crime rate per 1,000 residents in Vancouver
  • Police Respond Quickly: Highest priority call response times (Priority 1 calls, less than .3% of calls)
  • Effective Fire & EMS Response: Percent of city (urban) responses under 5 minutes
  • Fire Loss is Minimized: Average dollar value of fire loss per structure fire
  • Well Lighted Streets: Surveyed citizen satisfaction with street lighting
  • Resolving Unsafe or Unhealthy Conditions: Citizen satisfaction with code enforcement’s efforts to resolve nuisance and safety issues