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Vancouver Sparkles with community pride!

The Vancouver Sparkles Award is a program in the City of Vancouver that recognizes neighbors who go the extra mile to make their neighborhood special. Since its beginnings in 2001, hundreds of award winners have been recognized for making Vancouver Sparkle, and acknowledged for making their neighborhoods clean, green and a good place to live and work. Whether it’s picking up litter during a daily walk, organizing a cleanup, helping neighbors with yard work or being a friendly neighbor with a “can do” attitude, your neighborhood association is encouraged to name a Vancouver Sparkles Award Winner and honor them in a special way. Maybe it will be recognition at the neighborhood picnic or cleanup day, winter holiday gathering or at a general membership meeting, along with an article in your neighborhood newsletter.

Vancouver Sparkles Award recipients are selected by individual neighborhood associations and awards are presented by the association.

The City supports your recognition effort by providing a special certificate signed by Mayor Tim Leavitt, a reusable Vancouver Sparkles bag, a special window decal and your choice of: a Vancouver Sparkles T-shirt, a garden flag or super-sized coffee mug. We will also post the names and nominations of the award winners on the City website, and provide a special recognition in the Office of Neighborhoods Weekly Update.  Please send your nomination (including name and a brief description of why they were chosen) to Judi Bailey at or call 360-487-8608. Nominations received that do not come from recognized neighborhood associations will be forwarded to the appropriate neighborhood association for their consideration.

2017 Sparkles Awards

Following are the winning nominations for 2017 as selected by Vancouver neighborhood associations. If your neighborhood association has not yet selected a Vancouver Sparkles award winner this year, contact your neighborhood association president or chair person with your nomination.

Bella Vista Sparkles Award Winner

Prior Years Award Winners - 2016

Bella Vista

The Bella Vista Neighborhood Association honors Penni Howard.

Penni volunteered to be in charge of the Rose Garden at Bella Vista Park, organizing work parties to weed and plant, and often times worked alone if others weren't available to help.  When asked if she would consider being a neighborhood director she did not hesitate to say yes. Penni also volunteered to represent Bella Vista on the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance, so that the neighborhood can continue to vie for funds to improve the safety of our streets. 

She has taken on these tasks and works full time.  She is a true asset to our neighborhood. Thank you Penni!


Burnt Bridge Creek Sparkles Award Winner

Burnt Bridge Creek

The Burnt Bridge Creek Neighborhood Association honors Gary Stewart.

"We are so grateful to Gary, not only for taking on the invaluable position of Newsletter editor, but for also reaching out to neighbors that need help with their home repairs and yard maintenance. Gary has graduated from the NOW program and has already been on volunteer patrols.  He arranged for several neighbors to take a very interesting and informative tour of the Port of Vancouver. He even invited folks to a wonderful slide show of his recent medical mission to Lebanon.  Our neighborhood wouldn't be the same without Gary, his knowledge, literary skills, patience, and kind heart. Gary is an amazing neighbor!"

Maplewood Sparkles Award Winners


The leadership and members of the Maplewood Neighborhood Association exemplify what it means to be a Good Neighbor through their selfless acts of kindness to help those in need.

This team of super-charged residents spent many hours raising money through Maplewood's annual Christmas Bazaar to be used toward neighborhood projects. This year, some of those funds went toward the beautification of a home and yard of an elderly, disabled resident. After the house was painted and the yard mowed and plants trimmed, this once house bound neighbor found hope, happiness and a new sense of pride in his home. The neighbors expressed their appreciation for this incredible transformation which had also added pride to the neighborhood.

This was not to be the only big project that they took part in. Upon learning of a group of veterans living in a housing project who were without basic toiletries, household goods, and sometimes food, they rallied neighbors and friends and challenged other neighborhood associations to help with making "Thank a Vet" toiletry paciages which were delivered on Memorial Day. Through this new relationship with the veterans, they also established the delivery of home-cooked meals on a monthly basis and have worked to have other organizations join in serving meals.

While Maplewood has been known for their tenacity in helping to keep their neighborhood free from gangs and supporting programs to help gang affected youth, they can now be proud that their neighborhood sparkles a little brighter and that veterans are now living more comfortably. They are an example of leadership, strength and kindness.

The Maplewood Neighborhood was recognized at their October 20 meeting.

Fourth Plain Village Sparkles Award Winners

Fourth Plain Village

Fourth Plain Village Neighborhood Association honors Bill and Charlotte Copeland

Bill and Charlotte are nominated for being welcoming to others in the neighborhood, encouraging participation in the association, volunteering at  neighborhood association activities, donating items for association events, and maintaining their neighbor’s yard for the past year and a half since he was moved to a care facility. Thank you Bill and Charlotte!


Wildwood Sparkles Award Winner 2016


The Wildwood Neighborhood Association honors Judi Bailey

As a NEIGHBOR, Judi organized us to be the first neighborhood to adopt our park, then she organized monthly clean-ups of the park for over a year. Additionally, she has been a VOLUNTEER at each of our last 3 dump days and National Night Outs. She also helps distribute our neighborhood flyers by walking them around the neighborhood when we publish a newsletter. She has been instrumental in helping get our site set up and growing.

We are lucky to have Judi in our neighborhood and grateful for her spirit of service. That is why we give her this award. She is a neighbor that sparkles!

Cascade Highlands Sparkles Award Winner

Prior Years Award Winners - 2014


Cascade Highlands

The Cascade Highlands Neighborhood Association honors Mark Crawford

Mark has been the spearhead of the Homestead Acres Fence project and has spent many hours working on it for the last couple years. Mark also works around Homestead Acres to spruce up the foliage.  He single-handedly painted panels and panels of fence.  He set up a Nextdoor account for Homestead Acres and has written and distributed several communications to the 101 residents there.  Mark volunteers at the neighborhood association cleanups and is an all-around great neighbor. Thanks Mark!

Maplewood Sparkles Award Winner


The Maplewood Neighborhood Association honors Sharon Gutz.

Sharon has been a strong supporter of Maplewood Neighborhood from the get go. She organized and carried out a very successful fund raising event for the neighborhood this past December. Sharon also helps deliver newsletters and makes phone calls to encourage people to attend our meetings. Last year when Maplewood did our plantings in the park and our water was not turned on in time she made trips to the park with two liter bottles of water on her scooter to help water our seedlings. She has just been an all around good neighbor checking on neighbors who have life long challenges and those that may have a temporary disability or illness.

Thank you Sharon!

Wildwood Sparkles Award Winner


The Wildwood Neighborhood Association honors Claire Jurkovich.

Claire has been a Neighbors On Watch volunteer since 2012, and has logged over 560 hours as a NOW volunteer. In addition to citizen patroller, Claire has also helped recover over 75 stolen vehicles and is part of a call-out team to help search for missing children and vulnerable adults. Claire is also the lead organizer of the annual Wildwood neighborhood-wide garage sale day. She is a past chair of the neighborhood association and for many years was the only active board member for the association.

One thing is certain: Claire Jurkovich is doing her part to make sure Vancouver Sparkles!