Emergency Medical Response

Emergency Medical Services -- or EMS -- is a vital public service that delivers emergency care to victims of sudden and serious illness or injury.

In the Vancouver area, EMS is delivered in a multi-tiered system by firefighter-EMTs and firemedics from the Vancouver Fire Department and paramedics from American Medical Response.

In Vancouver, and throughout the country, EMS calls typically comprise over 80 percent of the total emergency calls received by public fire-rescue agencies.

The EMS system depends on the availability and coordination of many different elements, ranging from an informed public capable of recognizing medical emergencies to a network of metro area trauma centers capable of providing highly specialized care to the most seriously ill or injured.

The 911 emergency center, search and rescue teams from the VFD and public support for prehospital care are some of the critical elements necessary for the EMS system to work.

The Vancouver Fire Department's Paramedic and EMT firefighters are an important part of the EMS system.