Special Operations - Tech Rescue

"Technical rescue” is a special skills area of the fire service that focuses on the application of specific knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely resolve unique and/or complex rescue situations. Examples include: rescues from confined spaces, trench collapse, water emergencies, structural collapse, and rescuing people trapped above or below grade or in other challenging situations.

The Vancouver Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team is a group of personnel having advanced training and special equipment to safely and efficiently conduct technical rescue operations. The team works closely with members of the Vancouver Public Works Department Operations Center.

Currently, Technical Rescue is similar to what Emergency Medical Service programs were to the 1970’s, and Hazardous Materials programs were to the 1980’s. It has gained prominence in our everyday lives with incidents such as Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge California Earthquake, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. Such incidents took specialized rescuer response to mitigate.