Where does your property tax go?

Your city provides water, sewer, streets, police, fire, building inspections, parks, recreation and more. Services that touch nearly every part of life and business in Vancouver.

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Your Property Taxes at a Glance: $534/year is the amount a typical Vancouver household pays in property taxes for City services. (Based on average home value of $185,000)

Did you know?

A typical Vancouver household pays the City $45 per month ($534 per year) in property taxes for City services. For $45 per month you get police and fire services, parks, recreation, planning and streets.

(Based on an average home value of $185,000)

Only 70¢ increase per month in a decade. 
2003: $44.30/month 
2013: $45/month


Your City property tax dollars
What You Get: From every $1 in CITY property taxes, here is how your money is spent. 
- Police, 24¢ 
- Fire, 25¢ 
- Public Works, 15¢ 
- Public Safety Support, 6¢ 
- Support Services, 6¢ 
- Parks & Rec, 6¢ 
- Debt Service, 5¢ 
- Community & Economic Dev, 4¢ 
- Capital, 6¢ 
- Gen. Management, 2¢ 
- Outside Agency Support, 1¢


Where do your property tax dollars go?

What You Pay: 2013 Property Tax Distribution for  Typical Vancouver Household. 
- Vancouver School District, 39.8% 
- Port of Vancouver, 3.1% 
- Fort Vancouver Regional Library, 5.4% 
- Clark County, 11.6% 
- State Public Schools, 17.6% 
- City of Vancouver, 22.5%

2013 Property Tax Distribution for a Typical Vancouver Household
Based on a median house price of $185,000 in 2013 (up from $171,800 in 2012)

Note: Vancouver School district is used for illustrative purposes. Citizens served by Evergreen School district would have a slightly higher tax rate. Does not include higher education.