Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Category Attachments
Petition of Appeal to the Fire Marshal Application Fire (VFD) petition_of_appeal_to_fire_marshal.pdf
Alarm Permit Program Police (VPD) alarm registration form
Applications and Forms Community and Economic Development
ATR/Community Access/Sensory Camp Participant Information Form Parks and Recreation
AutoPay Public Works AutoPay form to use my Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card
AutoPay form to use my bank checking or savings account
Cancel AutoPay form
Boards and Commissions Application Form City Manager's Office
Business and Special Licenses Financial and Management Services Business License Application Form (Includes Home Occupation Permit application)
Business License Fee Surcharge Worksheet
Determination of Exemption Checklist
Change of Business Name or Address Notification
Discontinuing Business Notification
Special Licenses Application
Caregiver Volunteer Mentor Application Parks and Recreation
CDBG and HOME Projects Community and Economic Development Frequently Asked Questions
2013 Final Application List
Publicly Funded Housing Map
2013 CDBG HOME Application Guidelines
2013 Public Facility Improvement Application
2013 Funding Recommendations Power Point
2013 Funding Recommendations List
Charter Review Committee Charter Review Committee Brief and Informal History of the Present Vancouver City Charter (pre-1994)
History of Vancouver City Charter and Its Amendments (post-1994)
2014 Chartering Agreement
Charter Review overview
Vartanian Proposed Changes
Ward or District System for Electing Councilmembers
Wards map
Resolution of the 2009 Vancouver Charter Review Committee
Ty Sober Thoughts, Comments, Questions on the City Charter
Potiential Charter Issues
Charter Review Issues Powerpoint
Charter Review Changes - Prioritized 4/18/2014
City Street Tree Worker License Application Public Works
Claims for Damages General Services Claim for Damages
Commend a VPD Employee Police (VPD)
Commodities Supplier Form Financial and Management Services
Community and Economic Development Feedback Community and Economic Development
Company Fire Protection Contractor Endorsement Registration Fire (VFD)
Declaration of Fire Code Complaince Fire (VFD)
Event Permit Application City Manager's Office
File a Code Compliance Complaint Community and Economic Development
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - AMUSEMENT BUILDINGS Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_amusement_buildings.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - COMBUSTIBLE DUST Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_combustible_dust.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - COMBUSTIBLE FIBERS Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_combustible_fibers.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - COMPRESSED GAS Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_compressed_gas.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - CUTTING, WELDING & HOT WORK Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_hot_work.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - EXPLOSIVES Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_explosives.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - FLAMES, CANDLES & GEL CANNISTERS Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_flames_candles_gel_cannisters.doc
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_hazardous_materials.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - HIGH-PILED STORAGE Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_high-piled_storage.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - MOTOR FUEL DISPENSING Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_motor_fuel_dispensing.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - OPEN FLAME PERFORMANCE Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_open_flame_performance.doc
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - OUTDOOR EVENT PUBLIC ASSEMBLY Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_amusement_buildings.docx
FIRE CODE OPERATIONAL PERMIT - PLACES OF ASSEMBLY Fire (VFD) fire_code_operational_permit_amusement_buildings.docx
Fire Station - Non-emergency activity request Fire (VFD)
Firstenburg Community Center Program/Facility Evaluation Parks and Recreation
Fitness Center Customer Success Story Application Parks and Recreation
Frequently Asked Questions Community and Economic Development Vegetation Brochure
Solid Waste, Open Storage & Inoperable Vehicles Brochure
Parking on Private Property Brochure
Domestic Animals Brochure
Sidewalks Driveways Fences Retaining Walls Firewood Brochure
Structures & Building Permit Expiration Brochure
Child Traps Swimming Pools Dangerous Holes Brochure
Signs in the Right-of-Way Brochure
Group Exercise Instructor Evaluation Form Parks and Recreation
Half Day Mini Sport Camp Participant Information Form Parks and Recreation
Home Occupation Permit Financial and Management Services
Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program Community and Economic Development Housing Rehab Program Flyer
Housing Rehab Program Guidlines
Columbian Article Featuring Housing Rehab Program Recipients
Housing Rehab Information Flyer (Russian)
Housing Rehab Information Flyer (Vietnamese)
Housing Rehab Information Flyer (Spanish)
How Are We Doing? Police (VPD)
Inclusion Request Form Parks and Recreation
Inclusion/ATR Intake Form Parks and Recreation
Individual Fire Protection Contractor Endorsement Application Fire (VFD)
Little Campers Participation Information Form Parks and Recreation
Luke Jensen Sports Park Parks and Recreation Preliminary Operations and Use Fee Policy
Community Room Rental Packet
Field Rental Information
Mac Award Nomination Form Public Works
Mac Awards Public Works Mac Award Nomination Form
Marshall Community Center Program/Facility Evaluation Parks and Recreation