Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee advises City Council on policy issues related to all city-owned on-street and off-street parking facilities, and makes recommendations on facilities and parking regulations.Parking Advisory Committee Jurisdiction Boundary Map

Vision and Mission


To support an exceptional parking system for the City of Vancouver.


The Parking Advisory Committee provides a forum for public participation in the discussion of downtown parking issues and policy development.

The Committee advises and makes recommendations to City Council and staff about the parking policy and program implementation while observing the following principles:

  1. Customers seek availability, safety, convenience, security, confidence, and economy
  2. Provide customer parking education and information
  3. Parking Services staff serve as downtown ambassadors
  4. Maximize utilization of municipal parking facilities to ensure full access and cost-effective, efficient operations
  5. Manage parking operations based upon the 85% rule to trigger implementation of parking strategies to ensure adequate public parking is available
  6. Conduct periodic capacity/utilization analysis of the parking inventory
  7. Use a tiered rate system for the sale of monthly passes that recognizes the adverse impact of dedicated reserved parking on the efficiency of the parking supply
  8. Provide the most convenient available spaces to customer/visitor access
  9. Coordinate parking strategies with the State's Commute Reduction (CTR) Rule to support alternative mode use by customers
  10. American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance


Regular Meeting Dates and Time:
January - October: Fourth Wednesday each month.
November & December: Third Wednesday each month.
All meetings begin at 7:30 a.m.

Council Chambers, 2nd floor City Hall, 415 W. 6th Street

Number of members:
Seven. Must be a city resident, property owner, business owner, or an officer or partner in a city business, except for one member who may be a downtown business employee.

Length of term:
Four years. Appointed by City Council

Maximum terms:

Stephanie Lynn, Chair
Ryan Palmer
Paul Schlesinger
Jim West
Bruno Amicci
Carly Lowder
Stephanie Rice

Mike Merrill
Brent Boger
Tina Picchioni

Parking Plan for Government District Approved

The management plan for on-street parking in the Government District immediately northwest of downtown Vancouver, developed by area stakeholders and the City of Vancouver, has been approved by City Council. The approved plan will implement paid parking on streets throughout the district, which is currently 40% metered. It will allow for longer time stays and more consistency by converting existing 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour stalls to 3 hour stalls. It will also convert existing unregulated and permit only stalls to 10 hour stalls.

City Council Chambers
415 W. 6th St. 2nd Floor
Vancouver, WA