Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee advises City Council on policy issues related to all city-owned on-street and off-street parking facilities, and makes recommendations on facilities and parking regulations.Parking Advisory Committee Jurisdiction Boundary Map


Provide Parking, ADA Compliance, and Vehicle for Hire Regulatory Services that promote economic vitality in business districts and enhance livability in neighborhoods.


The mission of Parking Services is to provide competent professionals who:

  • Work with the community to develop and enforce effective and innovative parking plans for our business districts and neighborhoods;
  • Manage the business of parking and ADA compliance in a fiscally responsible way;
  • Plan to meet the current and future parking needs of our community;
  • Advocate for anti-discrimination as it relates to the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • License and regulate taxi companies and chauffeurs.

Meeting Dates and Time:
January - October: Fourth Wednesday each month.
November & December: Third Wednesday each month.
All meetings begin at 7:30 a.m.

Council Chambers, 2nd floor City Hall, 415 W. 6th Street

Number of members:
Seven. Must be a city resident, property owner, business owner, or an officer or partner in a city business, except for one member who may be a downtown business employee.

Length of term:
Four years. Appointed by City Council

Maximum terms:

Leah Jackson, Chair
Nelson Holmberg, Vice Chair
Stephanie Lynn
Ryan Palmer
Jacky Sabin
Paul Schlesinger

Mike Merrill
Alison Chinn

Parking Plan for Government District Approved

The management plan for on-street parking in the Government District immediately northwest of downtown Vancouver, developed by area stakeholders and the City of Vancouver, has been approved by City Council. The approved plan will implement paid parking on streets throughout the district, which is currently 40% metered. It will allow for longer time stays and more consistency by converting existing 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour stalls to 3 hour stalls. It will also convert existing unregulated and permit only stalls to 10 hour stalls.

City Council Chambers
415 W. 6th St. 2nd Floor
Vancouver, WA