Burnt Bridge Creek Trail (8 miles)

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver, Washington

This hard-surfaced, shared-use trail offers excellent opportunities for walking, biking, jogging, commuting and viewing the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway. The trail passes through a variety of landscapes, including open grasslands and heavily wooded areas. Most of this trail is flat with the exception of steep slopes at the Bernie Road trailhead and approaching the I-5 crossing.

The trail begins (or ends) at Stewart's Glen in Fruit Valley and crosses over I-5 to Leverich Park and Arnold Park. It extends all the way to NE 90th Avenue and Burton Road.

Trailheads with off-street parking and other amenities are located at the end of NW Bernie Drive and NW Fruit Valley Road in Northwest Vancouver, in Leverich Park, off of Devine Road south of NE 18th Street and off of Andersen Road south of NE 18th Street.

Sections of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail - from NW Bernie to State Highway 500 and from Fourth Plain Boulevard to Devine Road - overlap with the Discovery Trail.

Discovery Trail, Stewart's Glen

The first section is a hard-surfaced, shared-use trail beginning at the mouth of Burnt Bridge Creek at Fruit Valley and NW Bernie Drive. It meanders east, through thick forests and grass bottomlands, over two bridges to Hazel Dell Avenue. A portable restroom at the trailhead is open April 1 through October 31.

Discovery Trail, Leverich Park to Bagley Park

The hard-surfaced, shared-use trail connecting these two community parks begins at the NW corner of Leverich Park. It runs along Burnt Bridge Creek and through the forests and grasslands of Arnold Park, crossing St. Johns Road and following Nicholson Road to Bagley Park. The trail continues past State Route 500 and on to Fourth Plain following the creek.

Discovery Trail, Fourth Plain to Devine Road

This section of hard-surfaced, shared-use trail follows the Bonneville Power Administration's power line through Meadow Homes Park and soccer fields, crossing 18th Street to Devine Road by way of Burnt Bridge Creek. It then meanders south down the Blandford Drive canyon from MacArthur Boulevard to Evergreen Boulevard. There is no off-street trailhead for this section of trail. The Burnt Bridge Greenway Trail also continues eastward along the creek past Andersen Road and NE 86th Avenue to end just west of NE 90th Avenue at Burton Road. There are restrooms at Devine Road, which are open from April 1 to October 31.

There is an Adopt-A-Park group that holds regular work parties along this portion of the trail, removing litter and keeping it easily accessible for visitors. If you're interested in volunteering or learning more visit here. 

Sites Along the Trail