Park Design & Construction Projects

All communities need a vision and a plan for parks and recreation — a vision that captures the spirit of our desires. To ensure that our needs and standards for parks and recreation are met, we must lay the groundwork now for the future.

Our current parks system exists because of the dreams and commitment of citizens and community leaders of the past. They left a rich tradition by setting goals and achieving them, bequeathing natural areas and developed parks, urban trails and irreplaceable habitat. Through public dialog, Parks & Recreation continues to help residents express their needs and plan for the future for our parks and recreation system.

Planning for our parks is more critical now than ever. Why?

  • Our county has been one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.
  • As the population grows, the need for services increases.
  • Our citizens are aging, increasing the need for services for older residents.
  • Our current parks system does not meet the minimum national standard for park acres per capita.