Parking Fees for Marine Park Boat Launch

Boat launch along a river

Parking fees are charged at the Marine Park Boat Launch. These help pay for operations and maintenance of this very popular facility.

Annual Parking Pass

Regular visitors to the Marine Park Boat Launch can save money by purchasing an annual parking pass. The pass is valid for the calendar year and goes on sale every December for the coming year. The pass costs $45 (price effective as of 12/1/15). Annual passes are not available for Wintler Park, where parking fees are collected each summer.


A $10 discount on the cost of an annual parking pass is available to the following groups at the time of purchase:

  • Seniors age 62 and over
  • Veterans
  • Active military personnel, including National Guard
  • Disabled citizens
  • Park volunteers who have provided 24 hours of service on approved projects

Proof of age, veteran or military status, disability and approved volunteer hours is required to get a discount. For military personnel this can include a separation form or similar document on official letterhead or a pass application sign by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Persons with Social Security defined disabilities must be receiving benefits for the disability. A Washington State ID card, decal or special license plate may be issued as proof of disability under RCW 46.16.381(3).

Only one type of discount may be applied to each pass purchased. Discounts do not apply to the daily parking fee.

Where to Buy

Annual parking passes can be purchased with cash, check or credit card at Marshall or Firstenburg Community Centers, Vancouver City Hall or Marine Park Boat Launch when on-site fee collectors are present.

Daily Parking Fees

There are no fees for pedestrians or bicyclists to enter these parks.

Marine Park Boat Launch


Annual Pass

Motorcycles Cars Cars with a Trailer
Marine Park Boat Launch $45 $3 $5 $5

Self-Pay Stations

Self-Pay Stations

Parking fees are collected daily at the City of Vancouver's Marine Park Boat Launch. When a fee collector is not staffing the entry booth, you'll be expected to insert the cash fee into the metal self-pay stations. Instructions for use are printed directly on the self-pay stations.