Persons with Disabilities

A Inclusion Mentor with Parks & recreation assists a student at Sensory Camp

Access to Recreation

Recreational activities provide the opportunity for people at all levels of ability and from different backgrounds to meet and share with each other in ways that encourage friendship to take root and flourish.

For information on activities and events for people with disabilities contact Debbie Gibbs at 360-487-7058

Important Things to Know

  • Medication reminders must be given to staff prior to departure on outings.
  • Families may use their respite money to pay for classes. If an activity is canceled and respite was used to pay for it, we will issue a credit to be applied to other activities.
  • Prior notice is needed if a participant displays challenging behaviors.
  • Participants must register for activities within their age category.


Inclusion Means Everybody Plays!

Vancouver Parks and Recreation invites people of all ages with a disability to fully participate in any of the exciting programs we offer. Call 360-487-7057 for more information or to plan your recreation experiences.

  1. Register for the program of your choice and pay at the time of registration.
  2. Let us know you're interested by submitting an Inclusion Request Form. This will go directly to Parks and Recreation Inclusion Services Staff.
  3. Tell us what kind of help your child/participant needs by filling out the Inclusion Intake/Assessment Form. This will help us get the best match for your child/participant.

After your program is completed please let us know how your experience was by completing an Evaluation Form.

To use your own caregiver, please fill out the application forms below:

Please see the documents below for specific policies relating to inclusion:

Additional Resources

For Volunteer Opportunities please visit Volunteer

Print a scholarship application or pick one up at: