City Park Code Update

In 2011, the Vancouver City Council unanimously adopted revisions to the Vancouver Municipal Code, section 15.04, referring to the city parks, trails and recreation centers. The new code went into effect in January 2012. The adopted changes include:

  • The prohibition of tobacco use. Use of any tobacco product within a city park is now punishable by law. The maximum fine is $1,000.
  • The prohibition of intoxicating liquor. Although alcohol has always been banned without the proper permit, the code language imposes a local regulation, moving from state law to infraction.
  • The removal/exclusion of repeat offenders from parks. The code revision more clearly defines "due process" when it is necessary to exclude a disruptive individual from the parks.
  • Firearms in parks. Code language was updated to reflect compliance with the Washington State Constitution regarding the right to carry firearms in the parks.

Current Park Code
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Existing Policies

The Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department utilizes a variety of policies to guide day-to-day business. Listed below are several of the policies that guide the parks, community centers and programs.

Community Center & Recreation Policies:

Parks, Trails, Open Spaces, Sports Fields Policies:

Gender Equity Policy
The City of Vancouver and Clark County comply with Washington’s “Fair Play and Community Sports Act” that prohibits discrimination against any person in a community athletics program on the basis of sex. Contact the Vancouver Parks and Recreation director at 415 W. 6th Street, Vancouver, WA 98668, (360) 487-8311 or via email at with any questions or comments.