Recreation Scholarship

Thorp family poses with youth soccer league players

The Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department makes the benefits of recreation programs available to children from low-income families throughout our community with support from the Parks Foundation of Clark County.

The Everybody Plays! Recreation Scholarship Program

The benefits of recreation are too numerous to list, and often low-income families stand to gain the most. Recreation promotes physical, mental and social well-being. Recreation programs serve as settings in which friendships bloom and wholesome connections and community pride are forged.

Since its inception in 1992, the Vancouver Parks and Recreation scholarship program has made our programs accessible to thousands of kids, teens and people with disabilities who would not otherwise have the means to participate in recreation activities. Teens have climbed on the bus with other teens and gone whitewater rafting for the very first time…people with developmental disabilities have learned to cook and found lifelong friends…boys and girls have learned to play sports and get along with others…in many cases, thanks to the Everybody Plays! Recreation Scholarship Program.

Your contribution has a direct, positive, and life-enhancing impact on a fellow community member.

Donate to the Everybody Plays! Recreation Scholarship fund!

For more information about our Scholarship Program contact Recreation Program Manager Dave Perlick at 360-487-8314.

If your family is considered "low-income" you may qualify for scholarship assistance to register your child, teen, or family member with developmental disabilities.

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