Resident and Non-Resident Fee Approach

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New:  all Summer classes and activities will have resident and non-resident fees

Vancouver Parks and Recreation is implementing a resident and non-resident fee structure in 2014. This means that if you live INSIDE the City, you will see fees drop in most cases. If you live OUTSIDE the City, you can expect to pay a little more. Non-resident rates will be approximately 15% higher than the rates for residents.

Community Center pass fees and facility rental rates were updated on January 1, 2014. The new fee structure for classes, sports and activities will go into effect starting on May 1, 2014. Daily drop-in fees for Recreation facilities will not change.

What it means to you

If you have an existing account with us, we have confirmed your residency status based on the address we have for your account. If you register for classes online, you will automatically get the fee associated with your residency status. We sent an e-mail to advise you of your status. If we do not have a current email address or if you have questions, please contact us.

If you would like to set up a new account to register for a program or purchase a pass, you will be asked to come in and demonstrate proof of residency; details are provided below in the FAQ section.

You can view current community center pass rates here.
You can check specific class or activity fees in our Rec Connect on-line registration here

How to determine if you are a resident

A resident is defined as an individual or business whose permanent residence is within the Vancouver city limits. To see if an address is located within the city limits, you can use one of the following options:
• Click on this link to type in the address and see your location on a map or
• Visit the Clark County Assessor’s Property Information Center:
The database lists the jurisdiction of the property as Vancouver (if located in the city limits), Clark County (if located in the unincorporated area), or another city (such as Camas, Washougal, etc.).

If you live outside the city, consider purchasing an annual resident card

An annual resident card is available by paying a one-time non-refundable $70 fee. This provides resident rates on all activities for everyone in your household for 12 months. This includes program registrations as well as passes.
Click here to print out the application form

Reasons for Making this Change

Vancouver is committed to offering a wide range of affordable parks and recreation services that meet the needs of the entire community. Appropriate user fees are an important part of funding services and keeping our facilities open and safe. The non-resident rate ensures that families living outside of Vancouver contribute to the funding of services on an equal basis with residents who pay City taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is a resident?
A resident is defined as an individual or business whose permanent residence is within the Vancouver city limits. You may also receive residency rates if you own property in the city. To confirm you status, see the options listed above. Please note that while you may have a Vancouver mailing address, you may not live within the Vancouver city limits. The boundaries set by the U.S. Post Office and Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts are different than the incorporated city limit boundaries. A PO box or PMB address is not a valid address for determining residence. You must provide the permanent physical address of your residence or business address for your business.

Q: Do Resident and Non-Resident rates apply to businesses?
Yes. For businesses that want to make reservations, resident rates would apply for a physical address within the Vancouver city limits. An owner of a business that has a physical address within the City may also receive resident status for the personal account.

Q. How was the amount for the differential determined?
A typical household contributes approximately $70 annually in general city taxes that go to support Recreation services (based on a $185,000 home). This equates to a fee differential of 15%. This general funding or “subsidy” supports maintenance of facilities, and supports low-cost programs for kids, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Q: Is proof of residence required to purchase a pass, register for a class, or reserve a facility rental?
Yes. Individuals creating a new account with Parks and Recreation will need to provide proof of residence. Acceptable proof includes a driver license with current address or a recent utility bill, property tax statement, rental agreement, or a pay stub with your name and address.

Q:  Will there be any changes to the Everyone Plays Scholarship program?
No, there will be no changes. The program is limited to use by qualifying youth (18 years or younger) and Access to Recreation participants in a low-income household. You need to be a resident of Clark County to be eligible.

Q.  What if I want to make changes to my account?
Please come in to one of our facilities to make changes to your account (adding family members, updating information, etc.). If you need to make any changes to a membership pass, you must do so by the 24th of the month to be in effect by the next billing cycle.

Note, the 15% discount for programs that was previously provided to Community Center pass holders is no longer being offered. With the implementation of resident and non-resident fees, we are no longer able to offer this discount. We have lowered almost all of our base fees to help off-set the impact. Non-residents can purchase an annual residency card to help offset this impact.

Other questions? You can contact one of our centers:

Firstenburg Community Center, 360-487-7001
Marshall Community Center, 360-487-7100
Vancouver Tennis and Racquetball Center, 360-487-8123
To contact us by e-mail, click here