Vancouver-Clark Comprehensive Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

Reflecting Your Vision, Planning for the Future

The Vancouver-Clark Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan is a document that will guide the department's efforts to acquire and develop parks and open spaces, and enhance and expand recreation programs throughout Vancouver and greater Clark County. The Plan focuses on parks, trails, sports fields, recreation facilities, conservation and greenway systems, and wildlife habitat. The Plan reflects the community's vision and lays out a six-year roadmap to meet the park and recreation needs of the community. The City of Vancouver formally adopted the Vancouver-Clark Comprehensive Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan on December 18th, 2006. Clark County adopted the plan on May 15th, 2007.

  • Informational Handout
  • The Vancouver-Clark Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan
  • Appendices A & B: Public Involvement
  • Proposed Park and Facility Map 
  • Appendix C: Park Inventory
  • Appendix D: Existing Park & Facility Maps
  • Appendix E: Open Space & Habitat
  • Appendix F: Relevant Policies
  • Appendix G: Capital Facility Plans
  • Appendix H: Proposed Park and Facility Map
  • Appendix I: Funding
  • Appendix J: Park Impact Fee Program
  • Appendix K: Partnerships
  • Appendix L: Evidence of Adoption

2009 Text Amendments

Note that some of these documents include only those sections which were amended. Reference the original document for the full text.

  • Park Impact Fee Technical Document (Adopted by City of Vancouver Ordinance M-3934 and Clark County Ord 2009-11-07)
  • Vancouver Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (2007)- (Adopted by City of Vancouver Ord. M-3933 and Clark County Ord. 2009-11-06)
  • Chapter 3 (Classification & Standards)
  • Chapter 4 (Parks and Recreation Facility Needs Analysis
  • Appendix C (Parks, Recreation Facility and Open Space Inventory)
  • Appendix G (Capital Facilities Plan)
  • Appendix J (Park Impact Fee Analysis)
  • Vancouver Walking & Bicycling Master Plan (2004) -(Adopted by Ord. M-3933)
  • Paths & Trails Element (Central City Discovery Loop)
  • City of Vancouver Comprehensive Plan (2003-2023) -(Adopted by Ord. M-3933)
  • Appendix E (Other Plans and Documents Adopted by Reference as part of the Comprehensive Plan)

Other Project Information:

  • Planning Process Diagram
  • Previous Regional Parks Plan - adopted 2000
  • Previous Urban Parks Plan - adopted 2001
  • Frequently Asked Questions