What We Offer

Our Philosophy

Children will have the opportunity to learn new activities that build confidence, commitment, discipline and responsibility while having fun and learning a new skill that can be carried on through many future years.

Are you interested in running a program through Parks and Recreation?

Inclusion means everyone plays!

If you are interested in an Inclusion accommodation for your child (such as an Inclusion Mentor), please follow the steps below to make a request. Requests must be made 15-business days before the program start date. If you have questions about Inclusion accommodations, please call the Inclusion Services office at 487-7057.

Step 1: Register for the program of your choice
Step 2: Complete the Inclusion Intake Form (Must be completed once a year)
Step 3: Notify the Inclusion office of the program you registered for each time you do a new registration. Accommodation requests must be made 15 working days prior to the start of the program.

To register for youth programs call 487-7001/487-7100 or click here to register online