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Young girl playing T-ball in Vancouver, Washington

What sports activities are available to kids through Vancouver Parks and Recreation? A lot! We have sports leagues throughout the year for kids as young as 3 ½. The Vancouver Tennis Center offers lessons for ages 4-18 year-round and select USTA Junior Leagues. Kids can take climbing classes on Sadri's Summit at Firstenburg Community Center or learn martial arts. During the summer we also offer a number of sports-focused camps.

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Our League Philosophy

Girls and boys will have the opportunity to participate in non-threatening, non-competitive, recreational sports. All children will be provided the opportunity to learn discipline, responsibility, commitment, teamwork, good sportsmanship and gain confidence. Children will be able to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of the sport through quality coaching. Each child will receive equal playing time and coaching time during practices and games.

+ How do the Vancouver Parks & Recreation sports leagues work?

Every league we offer provides around seven games a season (some vary) with a once a week practice that is generally held on a weeknight. Leagues are comprised of multiple teams and each team requires a Volunteer Head Coach. Coaches are normally the parents of children in the league who are confident in teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

+ What happens when I register my child for the league?

When families register they know what days the games will be and where they will be happening. Practice night and location will be determined by the head coach. You will be contacted by email with the practice schedule a few days before practice begins, which is generally two weeks before the first game. Practices are approximately an hour on a weeknight and continue throughout the season. Practice locations may not be the same locations where games are held.

+ What equipment is provided for the leagues?

The league fee includes a shirt that your child will wear on game days. Other equipment might be needed in addition (such as shin guards with socks, a soccer ball or baseball glove). Most of our leagues require minimal equipment but a list of important equipment is provided when you register.

+ How often are leagues offered?

Here's a general guideline for youth leagues (ages can vary with different seasons):

Outdoor Soccer - Spring, Summer, Fall
Indoor Soccer - Winter
Baseball - Spring, Summer
Basketball - Winter, Spring, Fall
Flag Football - Spring, Fall
Volleyball - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

+ I'm interested in coaching my child's team. How does this work?

Our leagues rely on volunteer coaches to run so volunteering to coach your child's team is great! Head Coaches are responsible for teaching the fundamentals of the sport to their players and managing their team for practices and games. All coaches need to pass a background check to be cleared to coach. To start the process, please complete the Coach Inquiry Form and Coaches Code of Ethics Form. You will then you will be contacted by the league coordinator with more information. In most cases, Head Coaches get to choose the time, night and location of their practices. Some parents choose to coach more than one team if they have multiple children in the league. Head Coaches get their child in the league for FREE!

+ Please read League Guidelines before registering

This information pertains to all youth leagues. Please read before registering. In order to make our leagues the best they can be, we need time to select coaches, prepare teams, rosters and schedules, order equipment, hire staff, and schedule photos. Leagues will fill quickly so register early.

1. Volunteer coaches are needed and required to run youth leagues. Parents interested in coaching must go through a coach's screening and pass a Washington State background check prior to registration. The head coach's child (maximum one child) is not charged the league fee, but they must call the Youth Sports Department to register as a coach. Mandatory coaches meeting is three weeks prior to the league start date.

2. All leagues are recreational, and considered feeder programs into more competitive leagues in the community. All children receive equal playing time at practices and games. If interested in reviewing the game rules for a particular league, please contact the league coordinator.

3. Cancelations/transfers and credits must be requested 20 working days (M-F) prior to the first game. Leagues can be combined or canceled due to low enrollment.

4. We do not reserve spots in the league for past teams or players.

5. Register child according to child's birth date. Ask the question, "How old will my child be at the first game of the league?" Your child must play within their age range. You may request a specific coach, or indicate if you would like your child to be on the same team as a sibling or friend, but requests are not guaranteed.

6. Children are placed on teams as evenly as possible according to age, gender, and the number of children on each team.

7. Fee includes team T-shirt.

8. Practices vary depending on the age and sport, 30-90 minutes. Teams may practice two weeknights per week prior to the first game, then once per week for the remainder of the season. Practice day, time and location are determined by the coach and/or gym availability.

9. A parent/guardian is required to attend all practices and all games. Children cannot be dropped off.

10. Every reasonable accommodation will be made for citizens with disabilities. Please contact Inclusion Services to request an accommodation at 360-487-7060.

Officials and referees are needed for many sport leagues. If you are interested in this type of employment, please contact the league coordinator at 360-487-7023.

+ Baseball

T-Ball happens in Bagley Fields and Fisher Basin Park. Coach Pitch Baseball happens in Bagley Fields and Fisher Basin Park. Machine Pitch Baseball happens in Bagley Fields. Leagues are available for ages 4.5-10. Baseball is not offered in the fall or winter.

+ Basketball

Basketball games take place at Firstenburg Community Center. Leagues are available for ages 5-11. Basketball is not offered in the summer.

Which level should I register my child for?
Beginner Player

  • Has never played organized basketball on a team
  • May have played a season but is still developing skills
  • Struggles to dribble the ball
  • Struggles to catch a pass
  • Has difficulty getting the ball to the basket when shooting

Intermediate Player

  • Has basic ball handling skills such as dribbling the ball without looking at constantly
  • Can make a layup consistently
  • Can consistently get the ball to the basket when shooting
  • Has played organized basketball or has some league experience
  • Understands basic basketball fundamentals and terminology

+ Flag Football

Flag football games take place at LeRoy Haagen Park. Leagues are available for ages 5-12. Flag football is not offered in the winter.

+ Soccer

Outdoor soccer games take place at Fisher Basin Park or Marshall Park. These leagues are available for ages 3.5-9. Indoor soccer games (winter only) take place at both Firstenburg and Marshall Community Centers. These leagues are available for ages 3.5-7.

This April - June, players ages 6-11 can take part in Challenger Sports' Player Development Program at LeRoy Haagen Park. This unique program combines learning and fun, grouping players together by age and ability. Kids will practice ball control, foot skills and moves famous in Brazilian soccer with Brazilian coaches. Ball and T-shirt included with registration. Contact Dan Leeming at 800-533-9374 for more information.

+ Volleyball

Volleyball games take place at both Firstenburg and Marshall Community Centers. Leagues are available for ages 9-14. These leagues play with adapted rules.

+ League Sponsors

Vancouver Parks & Recreation and the kids that participate in our leagues would like to send a special thank you to the following businesses and organizations for their generous sponsorships:

If your company is interested in sponsoring a youth league team contact Stacey Allington at 360-487-7029 or Brooke Groves at 360-487-708 after downloading the League Sponsor form.

Current League Game Schedules

Visit for league schedules.

Inclusion Means Everybody Plays!

If your child has a disability and would like an accommodation, please check Inclusion Services for assistance.

Summer Sports Camps