Community Policing

Officer and NOW volunteers
What is Community Policing?

The development of partnerships to solve localized problems or make specific improvements that enhance the overall quality of life in our community (an individual, a block or a neighborhood at a time.)

How is it different from other types of policing?

Community policing increases a sense of responsibility for personal safety and problem solving among our citizens and shifts from a predominantly reactive response to service calls, to proactive problem solving and increases effectiveness at resolving community-wide problems.

Why is Community Policing important?

The most fundamental reason for community policing and problem-solving  is acknowledging that the police can't solve all community problems by themselves.Community Policing requires the majority of the community to accept personal responsibility for personal safety and solving problems in their neighborhoods with the support of the police and other government agencies.

What is the Vancouver Police Department doing?
Enhancing Partnerships


•Increase community ownership for personal safety and problem solving.
•Increase the trust and working relationship between the police and the community we serve.


•Development of a strong volunteer program, which includes the Neighbors On Watch program for citizens interested in being an extra, trained set of eyes and ears to support crime prevention and detection.
•Each precinct has two Neighborhood Police Officers that work with businesses, residents and other agencies to increase effectiveness of problem solving.

Problem Solving


•Develop a method in which problem areas can be identified (chronic call locations) and problem solving can be initiated.
•Involve citizens in the problem solving strategy through opportunities for partnership, communication and improved access to police services.

  • Low level calls are triaged by civilian Police Service Technicians (located at west precinct only) who take low level crime reports by phone or in person during office hours only. This allows police officers the ability to respond to higher level crimes.
  • The Vancouver Police Department also has partnerships with:
    •  Code Compliance
    •   Department of Corrections