East Precinct

Vancouver Police Department East Precinct

(This facility has no front counter services. All walk-in services are handled at West Precinct, 2800 NE Stapleton Rd.)

Precinct Information

Staffing reductions have impacted public access and counter service at Vancouver Police Department facilities. The Vancouver Police East Precinct lobby will be open to the public when the Construction Services Office is open from during 7:30 – 4:30 but THERE IS NO FRONT COUNTER SERVICE AT THIS LOCATION. However, citizens can pick up accident forms and other printed materials. An emergency phone with a direct contact to 911 is located outside the front door of East Precinct for citizens needing immediate assistance from a Police Officer. COUNTER SERVICES FOR THE PUBLIC ARE ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT THE VPD West Precinct (2800 NE Stapleton Rd) between 8am – 5pm, Monday-Friday.

This facility DOES NOT accept unwanted prescription medication.

Citizens can obtain a variety of information from the Vancouver Police Department website

The website allows citizens to:

Staffing at VPD facilities will remain limited until the budget crisis is resolved so the VPD website is an excellent resource for information.

Community Oriented Policing

Commander Michael Whitney, michael.whitney@cityofvancouver.us, is responsible for the precinct, which is further divided into two Districts (Districts 3 and 4 for East Precinct). More information on the staff responsible for those Districts is listed below.

Beat jurisdictions are also divided on neighborhood association lines so that neighborhood associations are not broken up. Some beats will naturally include more neighborhoods than others but no established associations will be divided into more than one Beat.

The advantage of this type of structure is the increased personal accountability and responsibility by the Commander who oversees the Precinct,the Lieutenants that oversee a District, and the Patrol Sergeants and Officers who are responsible for their individual Beats. 

Neighborhood Police Officers

Each Precinct now has two Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO), each assigned to a district. The NPO’s are the liaisons to the citizens within their district and are available to meet with neighbors to discuss crime issues, livability issues, attend community meetings and to answer questions about crime trends and prevention. These officers are the main contact person for a citizen within a district to go to when there are crime issues or other concerns that the police department can assist them with. These officers work cross departmentally as well to assist citizens with problem solving strategies as well. 

District 3

District 3 includes the following Neighborhood Associations:Burton Ridge, Ellsworth Springs, Father Blanchet Park, Forest Ridge, Image, Kevanna Park, Marrion, North Garrison Heights, North Image, Northwood, Oakbrook, Ogden, Vancouver Heights. A District 3 map is  also available for reference. 

    District 3 Staff:


District 4

District 4 includes the following Neighborhood Associations:Airport Green, Bella Vista, Bennington, Burnt Bridge Creek, Burton/Evergreen, Cascade Highlands, Cascade South East, Cimarron, Countryside Woods, East Old Evergreen Highway, Fairway/164th, Fircrest, First Place, Fisher’s Creek, Fisher's Landing East, Hearthwood, Landover-Sharmel, Mountain View, North Hearthwood, Northfield, Old Evergreen Highway, Parkside, Parkway East, Riveridge, Village at Fisher's Landing, Wildwood. 

    District 4 Staff:


Vancouver Police Department East Precinct
520 SE 155th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98684