Sniper In-Service Trainer Course

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Course date and time:
June 24-28, 2013
8am - 5pm


Knowledge is useless unless it can be passed on effectively.  This 40-hour course is designed to train the trainers, giving snipers and team leaders the tools they need to design and deliver in-service sniper training to others.  This is not a basic sniper course, and students are expected to come with the prerequisite knowledge and skills.  This course is an intensive mixture of classroom lecture, writing assignments, interactive group projects and range exercises, fully immersing students in the learning and teaching process.  Students will learn a wide variety of techniques for teaching snipers, as well as the underlying instructional principles.

Students who successfully complete this course and the necessary prerequisites will receive certification as an In-Service Police Sniper Trainer.

All students requesting admission to the Police Sniper Trainer Course must provide proof of the following at the time of registration:

  • Minimum of three years service time as a police sniper
  • Letter from Team Leader authorizing attendance
  • Successful completion of a basic level police sniper course
  • A secondary sniper course (intermediate, advanced or structured in-service)
  • State-recognized instructor certification OR
  • State-recognized firearms instructor certification
  • There is a reading list of publications we highly recommend to all potential students.  These books will aid the student instructor in meeting the skill and knowledge requirements of the class.  The list will be provided when students register for the course.

Link to Registration Form can be found above.  Contact Sgt. Kathy McNicholas (  or call 360-487-7442 for local details.  Registration deadline is May 25th.

Camp Bonneville Site
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Vancouver, WA 98682