Vancouver Police arrest multiple protesters at park event

Press Release Date:
Monday, April 3, 2017

Vancouver, Wash. –On, April 2, 2017, a private organizer rented the stage and lawn of Esther Short Park for a First Amendment protected event to show support for President Donald Trump. The event attracted approximately 150 supporters of the event as well as approximately 70-80 counter-protesters, some who were affiliating with various anarchist groups.

In preparation for the event, the Vancouver Police Department had 39 additional officers in the area in an effort to maintain safety, protect property, allow for lawful expression of free speech, minimize impacts to the surrounding community, and enforce rules and laws related to use of the park.

The following individuals were arrested:

Meaghan M. Summerbell, 22- Attempted Assault IV and Reckless Endangerment

Patrick C. Commons,24 - Obstruction

Taylor J. Evans, 24- Disorderly Conduct

Elizabeth L. Battle, 19- Malicious Mischief III

Brittany E. Johnson, 24- Malicious Mischief III

Michah DC. Fletcher, 21 - Fireworks in a Park

Nicholas Nikas, 19- Disorderly Conduct

Arianne Curtis, 19- Disorderly Conduct