Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

The role of a Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission member is to act in an advisory manner to Vancouver Parks and Recreation staff, the Vancouver City Council and to advocate to decision makers and the public for parks and recreation issues.

Meeting Time: Third Wednesday of each month beginning from 3 - 5 p.m.

Location: City Hall (415 W 6th St), Council Chambers - 2nd Floor

Number of Commissioners: Ten

Length of term: Three years - Appointed by City Council


  • Chris Roper - Chair
  • Kelly Bolan
  • John Caton                                          
  • Gail Spolar - ESD Liaison
  • Jennifer Halleck - VSD Liaison                                      
  • Holly Williams   
  • Commissioner 7 - Vacant
  • Commissioner 8  - Vacant
  • Commissioner 9 - Vacant
  • Learn more about joining the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.                                    


  • Julie Hannon - Director, Vancouver Parks and Recreation
  • Dave Perlick - Recreation Manager, Vancouver Parks and Recreation
  • Carrie Vogelzang - Administrative Assistant, Vancouver Parks and Recreation