Annual Curb Ramp Program

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2017 Program

City of Vancouver preps for summer Pavement Management with ADA curb ramp work

The City of Vancouver is beginning preparation work for its annual summer Pavement Management projects. During April through June, crews will start the first phase of this work by installing new pedestrian ramps where required to bring those corners up to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

For 2017, there are two ADA curb ramp projects: One related to streets scheduled for resurfacing and one related to streets scheduled for preservation treatments.

Per the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), streets receiving treatments that are considered an alteration, such as the coming asphalt overlay paving, are required to be upgraded so that existing curb ramps meet current ADA requirements. In areas where ADA-compliant ramps exist, no changes are needed.

Upcoming ADA Curb Ramp/Resurfacing Project

Contractors for the City of Vancouver will begin construction Wednesday, April 12, on the first of 96 new pedestrian curb ramp corners to meet ADA accessibility requirements. The ramp construction will take affect portions of six Vancouver neighborhoods. Completion is targeted for early June, in advance of asphalt resurfacing of an estimated 20 lane miles of street that will follow this summer. The work is part of the city’s 2017 Pavement Management Program.

The work will begin in the Burton Ridge Neighborhood, where 24 street corners will get new ADA ramps: NE 92nd Avenue at NE 19th Circle, Meadowbrook, NE 90th Avenue and NE 21st Street; NE 21st Street at NE 93rd Court, NE 96th Court, and NE 98th Avenue; NE 19th Street at NE 98th Avenue; NE 22nd Circle at NE 98th Avenue; NE 20th Street at NE 95th Avenue, and Northeast 94th Court in the cul-de-sac.

Other neighborhoods involved are: Kevanna Park Neighborhood, 4 corners; Cascade Southeast, 16 corners; Cascade Highlands, 40 corners; Mountain View, 6 corners; and Northwest Neighborhood, 6 corners. Click here to view the list.

The city’s contractor for the ADA curb ramp resurfacing project is Advanced Excavating Specialists of Longview, Wash. In general, work is expected to take place between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but may run as late as 8 p.m. if needed. The work will include pavement cutting, followed by pouring of the curbs and ramps separately, and pavement striping and landscaping at some locations. No Parking signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of where construction will be occurring. It is important to adhere to any parking restrictions to avoid towing. 

For all curb ramp work, drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians should be alert to potential delays, traffic control devices, lane shifts, rough grades at corners, and other construction-related activities. 

Information about the ADA Curb Ramp/Preservation Project will be posted here as it becomes available.

What is an ADA Curb Ramp?

Curb ramps help people with disabilities safely transition from a roadway to a curbed sidewalk and vice versa. A curb ramp is a short ramp cutting through a curb or built up to it. ADA standards require that curb ramps include “detectable warnings,” such a series of small domes that contrast in color with the surrounding sidewalk or street, which are added once the ramps are in place. The City is required to evaluate and add ADA ramps where needed as part of its Pavement Management program. Curb ramps are a small but important part of making pedestrian routes accessible to everyone. 


If you have questions about the ADA curb improvements, please contact Chris Sneider, Pavement Program Manager in Vancouver Public Works at 360-487-8177.

If you have questions regarding construction work, please contact Jennifer Cline, Construction Project Manager, in Vancouver Public Works at 360-487-7750.