Busy summer ahead: Expanded pavement program to benefit more Vancouver streets

Press Release Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Pavement work along Vancouver street

Vancouver’s annual Pavement Management Program is getting a much needed boost this year. The city is investing an additional $3.6 million, about 60 percent more than last year, in paving, microsurfacing, and sealing treatments for streets throughout Vancouver.

The city adopted a long-term Street Funding Strategy in 2015 to address pavement conditions and improve the overall street system for all users. This is the first full year of that funding, which ramps up over time. Residents will see on-the-street, physical results this summer: 21 lane miles will be paved, a 30 percent increase over 2016; and 115 lane miles will be preserved, a nearly 60 percent increase over 2016.

This year’s pavement program also includes work on some neighborhood streets that are in poor condition and are not good candidates for preservation treatments. These streets will be rehabilitated, which involves milling or pulverizing existing pavement, compacting that material, and paving with asphalt over the top. In addition, about three times as many curb ramps will be upgraded this year as compared to last year, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires ramp upgrades when major street alterations are made. 

Overall, Vancouver’s 2017 Pavement Management Program will put nearly $9.87 million to work, extending and improving the life of the streets, protecting the public’s infrastructure investment, and providing the most efficient use of available funding. In addition to the Street Funding Strategy revenues, the program is supported through previously collected local taxes, including property, sales and real estate excise taxes.

The actual street work − resurfacing, preserving and rehabilitation treatments − will occur from July to September. However, advance preparations are already underway with tree trimming, pavement patching, and ADA ramp improvements, where required. During construction, drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians should be prepared for delays, watch for traffic or lane changes, and proceed slowly in the construction zone. Restriping of lanes and replacement of other pavement markings, where needed, will follow after the surface work is completed.

The City of Vancouver has more than 1,810 lanes miles of streets. Each year, paved streets are evaluated to determine the most cost-effective methods to extend pavement life and provide better driving conditions. For details about the 2017 Pavement Management Program, including descriptions of the coming work, a list of slated streets and a map showing all treatments, including neighborhood streets, please visit the Pavement Management webpage: www.cityofvancouver.us/pavement.

Note: Tentative schedules will be posted on the webpage in advance of street work. Pavement work is highly weather dependent, and schedules are subject to changes. Watch also for Vancouver Public Works construction alerts posted on Twitter @VanPubWorksUS and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VancouverPublicWorks.


Quick look at Vancouver’s coming 2017 Pavement Management work:

Pavement Resurfacing (milling and asphalt paving) anticipated for:

- SE Evergreen Highway, SE 112th Avenue to the Fish Hatchery
- NE 109th Avenue, NE Burton Road to NE 39th Street
- NE 39th Street, NE 109th Avenue to NE 112th Avenue
- SE Park Crest Avenue, Mill Plain Boulevard to SE Blairmont Drive/SE 15th Street
- SE 160th Avenue, Mill Plain Boulevard to SE Village Loop
- SE Village Loop, SE McGillivray Boulevard to SE 167th Avenue

Pavement Rehabilitation (pulverizing, compacting and paving) anticipated in portions of the following neighborhoods: Northwest, Burton Ridge, Oakbrook, Cascade Highlands, Cascade Southeast, and Mountain View.

Pavement Preservation (includes microsurfacing, slurry seal, chip-and-fog seal and cape seal treatments) alternates yearly between east and west Vancouver. This year, pavement preservation is focused on the area of the city west of Interstate 205.

Pavement preservation in 2017 includes some streets in or bordering the following neighborhoods: Northwest, Lincoln, Carter Park, Shumway, Hough, Arnada, Esther Short, Fruit Valley, Rose Village, Fourth Plain Village, Central Park, Harney Heights, Maplewood, Meadow Homes, Columbia Way, Northcrest, Northwoods, Vancouver Heights, Ellsworth Springs, Ogden and Van Mall.

A number of major streets west of I-205 are also part of this year’s preservation program. Here is a partial list:

- C Street, from East Eighth Street to E Mc Loughlin Boulevard
- West Eighth Street, from Grant Street to C Street
- Main Street, from West Fourth Plain Boulevard to West 39th Street
- Southeast Columbia Way, from Southeast Columbia Shores Boulevard to Southeast Marine Park Drive
- East Mill Plain Boulevard, from Andresen Road to North Garrison Road
- 18th Street, from Northeast Stapleton to Northeast Burton Road
- Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard, from Northeast 86th Avenue to past Northeast Vancouver Mall Drive
- Southeast Ellsworth Road, from SR 14 Ramp to Southeast Fifth Street
- Southeast 98th Street, from Southeast 10th Street to East Mill Plain Boulevard

ADA Curb Ramp has two components in 2017: One related to streets scheduled for resurfacing and one related to streets scheduled for preservation treatments. Information about both, including the list of intersections where work will occur, can be found here. Please note: In areas where ADA-compliant ramps exist, no changes are required

More information is available at www.cityofvancouver.us/pavement. Check the program webpages for full map of 2017 work, including residential streets, and other details.

More information about Vancouver's Street Funding Strategy can be found at www.cityofvancouver.us/betterstreets.


Contact Info:

Pavement Management Program: Chris Sneider, PE, Pavement Program Manager, Department of Public Works, 360-487-8239, chris.sneider@cityofvancouver.us

Public Information/Neighborhood Outreach: Brooke Porter, Outreach Coordinator, Department of Public Works, 360-487-7116, brooke.porter@cityofvancouver.us

Construction Services: Department of Public Works, 360-487-7750 or constructioninfo@cityofvancouver.us