Concurrency, as defined by the Washington Growth Management Act, is the requirement that adequate transportation capacity be available to support development. A proposed development may not proceed if it would lower the Level of Service (LOS) of a transportation facility below the adopted standard. Transportation improvements that would bring the LOS back to the adopted standard must be reasonably funded and scheduled for completion within six years.

Concurrency helps balance the timing and sequencing of development in relation to transportation improvements, such as new streets and traffic signals. The two main parts of a concurrency program are an ordinance, which defines how concurrency is administered, and the Comprehensive Plan, which establishes transportation Level of Service (LOS) standards. Concurrency only applies to arterial streets in the City; local streets are not included in concurrency requirements.

Vancouver recently updated its transportation concurrency ordinance. The three documents at the links provided below describe the current standards, practices and procedures for the transportation concurrency program.

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