Cool Web Sites for Kids

Aqua Venturer

A global timeline and database of water use, abuse and treatment from the Water Environment Federation.

Eek! Environmental Education for Kids

Learn about the great outdoors in this electronic magazine for grades 4-8.

Enviro Kids

Songs, activities, art gallery and more from the City of Tacoma.

Environmental Protection Agency

Games, information and more!

Natural Resources Kids Page

Ground water video, salmon challenge game and word puzzles from King County, Washington.

Student Science - Science News for Kids

A web site devoted to science news for students.

Water Conservation at Home

Article providing details and links on actions that students and families can take to reduce their water use – recommended to us by a middle school class working with Daly City, California to create a “going green” series.

Water Science for Schools

All about water from the US Geological Survey. This web site is also available in Spanish!

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