Downtown Vancouver - Train Horn Noise

Possible quiet zone improvements have been identified in the downtown area and include the railroad crossings at Jefferson, West Eighth and West 11th streets.

The downtown area was not initially studied due to the lack of funding and conflicts with using a Local Improvement District in a commercially-zoned land use area. In 2007, City Council directed staff to prepare a feasibility study for a downtown quiet zone. Since that time, new developments with other road and rail work have been identified as a solution.

A long-term improvements will come from a full quiet zone, which is funded and in the process, but will not be in place until later some time after the completion of both the Waterfront Access Project and WSDOT’s Vancouver Rail Bypass Project.

  • West Eighth Street Railroad Crossing: Permanent closure of Eighth Street at the rail crossing is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 7, 2013. 
  • Jefferson Street Railroad Crossing: In the City's Roadway Phase of the Waterfront Access project, when the new underpass from Sixth/Grant to Seventh/Jefferson is opened, the Jefferson Street rail crossing also will be permanently closed. The closure of Jefferson Street between Eighth and Ninth streets is currently anticipated in the third quarter of 2013.
  • West 11th Street Railroad Crossing: Plan to install 2 gates, median and driveway closure at Lincoln. Design has not yet begun. Work is currently anticipated for 2014.