Evergreen Highway Street Restoration Requirements

If any portion of SE Evergreen Highway is removed with utility extensions, special trench restoration and pavement restoration will be required. Most of the existing roadway consists of plain jointed Portland Cement Concrete pavement without load transfer devices.  The roadway has transverse joints across the entire width with no longitudinal joint. In places, the existing PCC pavement has been covered with patches of Hot Mix Asphalt. There are also some intermittent areas where the roadway has been widened and the existing surface was removed and replaced with asphalt concrete. In general, the PCC surface is in poor condition.

Restoration Requirements – the restoration of the roadway surface should provide a maintainable facility after completion. A combination of asphalt concrete and PCC across the width of the roadway is prohibited; it shall be one or the other.  Restoration shall be from transverse joint to transverse joint. The applicant shall have the option of restoring the pavement with Portland Cement Concrete or Hot Mix Asphalt.

Portland Cement restoration – The cement concrete pavement shall be (6) six inches of plain jointed cement concrete pavement over (6) six inches of crushed aggregate base.  No load transfer in the joints is required The restoration shall not leave pieces of cracked concrete pavement adjacent to the saw cut at the transverse joint, but should be saw cut and repaired with current concrete pavement using the same section as identified above.

Hot Mix Asphalt restoration – the pavement section for a Neighborhood Circulator shall be used.

Control Density Fill (CDF) will not be required for trenches on Evergreen Highway as full street reconstruction will be performed.