Partnering with Clark Regional Wastewater District

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Clark Regional Wastewater District and the City of Vancouver are working together to ensure wastewater treatment and services in these service areas provide service flexibility, rate protection and future stability for sewer customers and District employees. 

Approved agreements between the City and Clark Regional Wastewater District have established the relationship between the two agencies as partners, as opposed to customer/treatment provider. The nature of this relationship is described within the two agreements: a Wholesale Wastewater Treatment (Operations) Agreement and a Wastewater Coordinated Services (Assumption) Agreement.

The agreements reflect guiding principles that were developed over three years of discussion, coordination and study, followed by public outreach and input, development of agreement language, and lastly, adoption by the District Commissioners and the Vancouver City Council. The results maximize existing and future infrastructure, address technical and governance issues and create cost-saving opportunities for shared, customer-focused services.

Interlocal Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
Wholesale Wastewater Treatment (Operations) Agreement
Wastewater Coordinated Services (Assumption) Agreement

A look back in time:

Click here to view a copy of the joint presentation made at the Vancouver City Council Workshop on Aug. 3, 2009.

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