Pavement Management


What is Pavement Management?

The City of Vancouver maintains approximately 580 miles of paved streets. Each year, as part of Vancouver's Pavement Management program, more than 290 miles of city streets are visually inspected to document their existing condition. With this information, the city chooses roads needing preventive maintenance, resurfacing or reconstruction. The resulting pavement treatments fall into two categories: overlay or preventive surface treatment.

When streets begin to fail, they fail quickly and the costs to repair them increases dramatically. Focusing on keeping good streets in good condition provides the most efficient use of available, limited resources. Completely replacing the city’s 580 centerline miles of roadway could cost more than $450 million. Pavement management is a way of protecting this investment, therefore maximizing the life of our streets and getting you the most for your tax dollar.

There are several methods used to improve the surface of our streets: Click on the links below to learn more about these methods and what you can expect prior to and during surface treatments.

  1. Overlay Paving
  2. Preventive Surface Treatments

      - Microsurfacing
      - Slurry Seal
      - Chip Seal
      - Cape Seal