Public Works crews deliver plowing-deicing punch as temps drop

Press Release Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Vancouver Public Works Operations street crews will deliver a one-two punch to try to prevent slushy and snow-packed streets from refreezing as temperatures drop this evening.

To get the most out of existing resources, plows have been mounted on the front of the Operations vehicles and most equipped with deicers on the back. The general plan is for crews to plow slush and snow off the City’s priority streets, then deice as they go in an attempt to reduce slick conditions that could accompany Thursday morning's commute.

The snowfall that began on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday left Vancouver socked in under about a foot of snow in many areas. The City’s east side got the strongest winds; the west got the heaviest accumulations of snow. Across Vancouver, Public Works Operations crews have kept up round-the-clock plowing to keep priority streets passable. All major streets are currently open, with the exception of Devine Road, from Mill Plain Boulevard to 18th Street, and Four Seasons Lane, between Northeast 18th and 23rd streets.
Temperatures in Vancouver are currently forecast to remain below freezing for the next few days, which means the blanket of snow will remain. Adding to that, forecasters say Thursday and Friday mornings could be complicated by freezing fog.

When not plowing snow Wednesday, Public Works crews were busy responding to more than a dozen calls to clear trees and large branches that had fallen in roadways, many getting tangled in or dangerously close to power lines that first had to be cleared by Clark Public Utilities.

The slick and snowy conditions in residential areas also led Waste Connections to cancel regular garbage and recycling collections again this Thursday, Jan. 12, in Vancouver and the rest of Clark County. More information is available on Waste Connections website at or by phone at 360-892-5370.

Plowing/Deicing Priorities

Vancouver's crews and equipment are employed strategically to maximize the ability to quickly tackle ice and snow if and when severe weather hits. With more than 1,800 lane miles of streets in the City, Vancouver Public Works prioritizes its response to provide the greatest support for the critical, core streets and overpasses that connect police, fire and emergency medical services. Next in priority are hills, bus routes and areas around schools. Crew also work closely with Vancouver Fire and Police to provide emergency access if needed in severe weather conditions.

During major snow and ice storms, keeping top priority streets open is an ongoing process. Neighborhood streets, with their numerous driveways and parked cars, do not get deiced or plowed due to demands of keeping major streets open.

Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and parking lots free passable and safe. When clearing, please do not pile snow into the roadway, where it may get pushed back up as streets are plowed. Residents are also encouraged to lend a helping hand to neighbors where needed, and avoid unnecessary travel if possible.

Information and Help

To report trees in streets or for assistance shutting off water in the event of frozen pipes, please call Vancouver Public Works Operations at 360-487-8177 and follow the prompts for after-hours service if needed. For downed power lines, keep back and report to Clark Public Utilities at 360-992-8000. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

For more winter weather tips, information and updates, visit Updates are also available through Public Works and other City social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, available online at