Scavenging: It's Against the Law

As per VMC 6.12.216, scavenging of recyclables (or solid waste) is against the law!

If you see a theft in progress please call 9-1-1 and report it as a "theft in progress". Do not confront the suspects!

Law enforcement considers scavenging a gateway crime to other activities, such as illegal drugs, identity theft and more. If the suspects have come and gone, or you did not see it but notice recycling goods are missing, please call 360-487-7355 or file a report online at to report the incident to a Police Service Technician. The Police Service Technicians will take your information and file a report. Please note, limited budget resources prevent a direct response to scavenging reports. This information will be kept with other records to monitor trends and provide information to patrol, but no follow-up investigation will take place.